The Beaten Armor

A man with an armor of knight
Oh, how he’s the damsel’s delight.
His shield, unblemished in the light.
His helm has been the face of right.

Lo! In the deep, dark, wilderness
Where the dead trees and beasts oppress.
The shiny knight, faced with boldness
Craze in his face, he lay lifeless.

In his dark steed, the weathered shell.
Conquest and tales his weapons tell.
His sword and shield delivered quell.
But their eyes on him never fell.

The moon was full, the wind was cold.
Gripped his sword with relentless hold.
His strength, unleashed a hundredfold.
The menace’ tales have been untold.

The dark knight showed his great valor.
His strength proved that he is the victor.
No beast is beaten by glamour;
Only by the beaten armor.

Monsters in Our Heads

The most terrible of beasts don’t exist
In the lore of Gaea.
The most gruesome, the most grotesque
Are not even the conjurations of the most active
‘Tis the amalgamation of a man
And the traits of an animal
The gradual transfiguration of a man
To a menace
Is the most frightening thing
One can see.

The beasts we see when we look at the mirror
Are the most terrible of all.

– The Channeler of Selves, “Emporium of Selves” (my not yet finished story)




Super typhoon Haiyan (or as our country calls it, Yolanda) unleashed hell and took everything from Filipinos. Everything has been stripped away from them; their homes, livelihood, and most especially their love ones were washed away by a single stroke of this super typhoon. And now, the victims are in dire need of any help we can provide. Water, food, clothing, medicines, toiletries, candles, matches, even our very bodies that can provide manpower, be in relief ops or field work or whatnot that can provide help, even in small increments.

It is impossible for any of us not to be aware of the damage that has been inflicted in our land. The media has regurgitated a hefty amount of information about the situation. Philippines, specifically the central, is begging for help. As humans, we are called to provide the things I have provided earlier. But it doesn’t stop there. We can help in our very own matter. For instance, we are bloggers here in the sphere of the internet. Why not try invoke the spirit of charity by increasing the level of awareness to the followers? Or try to motivate them? Every little help counts.

Even a droplet causes a ripple.


The closer you look, the less you see. (Now You See Me)

He’s so close to us.
We try to search for him in places we’re not familiar of.
In places far away from home.
Only to realize that He should be home.

He’s so close to us.
We take a journey away from everything else.
To see the truth about this world.
Only to realize that we’re so far away, we lost grasp of this world.

He’s so close to us.
Take three steps back.
Take a better look at the truth of this world and
Let Him take three steps forward to you.

19 Pieces Of Advice You’ll Need To Make It Through Your 20s

Thought Catalog:

Number #3! Indeed.

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

1. Knowing what you don’t want can often be more valuable than knowing what you do want.

2. Despite what it looks like on someone’s Facebook or Twitter, no one has it figured out. We’re all just slapping things against a wall and seeing what sticks.

3. Beating yourself up about a mistake you made is only going to make you more inclined to do it again. Just accept that it happened and move on.

4. If someone is behaving strangely and there seems to be no explanation for it, look to alcohol and drugs!

5. Don’t burn bridges in your professional life. You never know when you might need them later on.(Douchey but real.)

6. Don’t sleep with someone who makes you feel like dirt. Don’t try to get skinny or take garcinia to change yourself because you can’t change them. If you’re dating a jerk, you should dump them…

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It was all just a dream

Second semester.

Afternoon. It was a fair day, clouds tufty, comfortably veiling the sun.

We were sitting by the stairs in Faura AVR, beside IBM room. It was just the two of us, casually chatting about this world.

Then suddenly the world changed. We were sharing the usual comfortable silence, then out of the blue I hugged her, whispered to her “I love you”. I was surprised that it was only happening in my head, but acted it out otherwise.

She interjected quickly “what?”

My heart was suddenly gripped with fear. Years of friendship was facing it’s death.

“I didn’t say anything” came out from my trembling mouth.

“Hindi nga, ano nga yun?” she said, with a gentle smile.

“I mean, I love you, but you know as… as friends” I said shakily, smiling apologetically.

She looked at me, still smiling at me.

“Okay, I love you, and I just can’t contain it.”

Then the scene changes.

It was a dark misty monsoon night. We were walking together, hands intertwined.

“Alam mo, bagay tayo” She laughingly smiled at me.

“What? Hindi kaya. Magagago mga tao sa akin” I laughed back.

“– her name here– Aro seems to be nice” She sweetly whispered.

The air, stingily cold, was warmed by my arms around her.

The films flicker.

We were separated in a labyrinth of streets of Hong Kong. I intended to surprise her with a gift while she shopped, but it backfired.

She messaged me “where are you?”

I felt the fear in her, but also the annoyance to my reckless abandon.

I ran and ran. My legs are numbing with tire. The scenery that surrounds me fade into blur. The neon lights hurt my eyes.

Then I saw her, standing out in an unfamiliar charter like a lost child. I rushed to her and hugged her tightly, reassuring that I won’t lose her again.

Angry tears flowed from her eyes. She shouted at me.

“Bakit ka kasi umaalis agad?” She sobbed.

I showed her a brilliant locket of white gold and diamonds. It has our picture in it. I put it on her, hands careful and tender.

I kissed her in the forehead.

“I’m sorry for leaving you without notice. I won’t lose you again”

Then I fucking woke up.