The Subterfuge

The tides of time wears me not, steadfast and true.
It ebbs and flows. Vows and troths, they’re never rue.
Detract me not, Miss Fortune. Give up heart’s due;
Will never be untrue.

Bridle the art. Rein the heart. Contain your fate!
Govern and hold. Rule the fruit. Deny the late.
Stop not the virtu. Rage the head. Your way, create.
Their ways are devoid.

Your principles will ebb and flow, fare it well.
Suppose your grip, beguiled by fate; once fickle.
You lie to your presupposing, lose mettle.
You assure me not.

You have no more reasons to go and forego.
Your words are cocoons, half meant for your row.
They’re no longer whole and firm, but off and low.
Your love, ruse of fools.


From Words, to War of the Worlds

My soul, ever so pitch black, brooding and deafening.
Silenced the lark that brought the sweet scent of smiles.
I moved about the empty realm, with entropy down to zero.
I felt appeased, with no one bothering my formidable fortress.

Lo, a lonesome evening, on my perpetuum mobile of my swift toes off my late stroll,
Saw a human girl, cowering with the mighty dark.
Her eyes glistened with sharp alert, as she took notice of my dark existence.
I saw the brightest entity to ever light up in my universe–
She smiled at me.
I spread my wings and swooped closer to her.
“I am no longer alone”
My eyes reflected her voluminous being.

She is very beautiful.
Her eyes sparkled
With life and fire
I couldn’t star eat them
For they overwhelm my
Insufferable soul.
She goes by with
Indomitable force.
She punctured my
Weighted walls of
My weary heart.

As I drew closer to her to speak to her
My body began to tremble.
I can see through my hands.
The sensation felt stronger
and my knees felt weaker.

My universe collapsed.
The entropy increased
To a thousandfold.
To infinity.
And wombs were created
The cradle of the stars.

I was nothing without her.
Yet I was annihilated
And recreated.


Million-Dollar Riddle

Crumpled your face is, with grease and grime
Filth and shame streaked your face.
Yet you are the most coveted, even the most civil and rich.
You caused hunger, crime and death.
Yet you fill our guts with grub and
Cover our shameful skins.
People deliberately let
Eight hours of their lives a day
Just to win your gormless stare.
How could you ever be so precious, Washington?


Loveless Love

Reject these pointless possibilities.
That offer nothing but quick pleasantries
Draw not your oars to the strong currents
Lest you get drawn by the the traitorous riptides;
The lashes of the sirens, let it not allure your weary heart.

Let darkness scream for your hapless heart’s desire.
Let it resound and cross the never-ending horizon–
Foggy waters and rocky shores hinder not the bone-shattering scream.



Seafarers and seekers of bounty and boon
Had always known the beauty that resides
in the seas of Aegae.
The Nereids of the Lord of the Seas,
Moved with flair, with tang, surf and seaweeds
Flirted, fascinated and fought alongside with the sailors.

Among the mortals dared to rival the nymphs of the sea.
Her beauty indeed shone vividly against the waves of the shores of Æthiopia,
And her eyes ablaze with fire and cheek.
None could ever compete the beauty of Cassiopeia
Says she as she marveled herself on her throne overlooking.

Her words of gall were washed away by the waves,
Riptides brought them to the Lord of the Seas
Enraged by the boast, he brought Cetus the beast
To flood the glorious city to its last gasp for breath.

Only the blood and flesh of her dearest
Andromeda, could only appease the beast
The wise oracle’s behest to the

Stripped and chained on the edge of the Sea,
A mighty Perseus unshackles
The sacrifice that is the fair “Ruler of Men”
And struck the beast with the music of the harpe.

Amused not, this Sea Lord,
Took the pretty queen to a seat
Cuffed her to see her lovely throne
Only in a fashion of a turned world.

A mirror to her right and a leaf to her left.
She was shackled by the Lord of the Seas.
To her vanity and fame.
Only to see herself marveling at the taint.