To the Unchartered Seas

You brought me to places unimaginable. You launched me right into the Great Perhaps. But because of that, I’m leaving you. I have to go on.

We cannot become each other’s anchors. We have to set sail against the winds and drift away, to embark each other’s journeys.

Either your sunrise or my sunset, shall see each other’s faces, and gone on to the unknown. We sail the same oceans, but we part ways.


The Road

There are roads that are wide
With carefree, we cruise.
Though there are some that are
Too narrow to bide.
thus we ride
F. or there is only one try
A. single mistake is fatal.
L. ean away from the edge.
L. est you fall deeper down, down.

Wherever our destination may be, there are many ways.
No single route is enforced.
There are straight ways, there are twists and turns.
How we get there is your call.
The wheel, turned rightly, will lead you
To wherever you’d tread to

But, does this mean we’re limited?
to the roads that only exist?

To the unknown, we make our own roads.



It was fall when we first met. The colors of the opposite ends of the spectrum shone brightly as the shadows cast their sights on each other’s.

Yes, October of that year. The sky was warm and so does the mid-autumn mulch on the central park.
With an incomprehensible force, we are drawn together.

Music played as the leaves rustled and the gale gushed.
Our hands tangled and our bodies danced.

But alas, seasons change.


The Beaten Armor

A man with an armor of knight
Oh, how he’s the damsel’s delight.
His shield, unblemished in the light.
His helm has been the face of right.

Lo! In the deep, dark, wilderness
Where the dead trees and beasts oppress.
The shiny knight, faced with boldness
Craze in his face, he lay lifeless.

In his dark steed, the weathered shell.
Conquest and tales his weapons tell.
His sword and shield delivered quell.
But their eyes on him never fell.

The moon was full, the wind was cold.
Gripped his sword with relentless hold.
His strength, unleashed a hundredfold.
The menace’ tales have been untold.

The dark knight showed his great valor.
His strength proved that he is the victor.
No beast is beaten by glamour;
Only by the beaten armor.


Monsters in Our Heads

The most terrible of beasts don’t exist
In the lore of Gaea.
The most gruesome, the most grotesque
Are not even the conjurations of the most active
‘Tis the amalgamation of a man
And the traits of an animal
The gradual transfiguration of a man
To a menace
Is the most frightening thing
One can see.

The beasts we see when we look at the mirror
Are the most terrible of all.

— The Channeler of Selves, “Emporium of Selves” (my not yet finished story)