Our Winnebago drifted across the fields of Omaha,
—–With the sun burning the back of our necks; our A/C was broken.
—–We were chatting about the recently released space movie few months ago.
—–What was it again, my sweet darling? Oh yeah, it was Star Wars.
—–You were so fond of Luke Skywalker, and how Obi-Wan Kenobi mentored
—–The young padawan. Have I mentioned Yoda, too?
—–You also played “the force choke” game with me a few nights back,
—–While we camped and cleaned the fresh game we shot:
—–You asked me how the venison we had yesterday squealed,
—–And had me imitate it as you playfully “force-choked” me.

Life was simple, you know.
—–Serve a few saloons, get a bit of Franklins to sustain our RV,
—–Watch a movie now and then, buy and sell books.
—–Occasional plundering on the record store with those pretty Brits on the vinyls.
—–Lie down at the open fields of an old farmer and gaze at the clear night sky.
—–Run from the prying eyes of the sheriff, for we looked like tramps.

But they’re y’all wrong, y’know, my darling?
—–We may be tramps, but we’re rich with fables and fantasies.
—–Faerie tales of love and adventures,
—–At the price of a few dollars and a hefty lot of inspiration.
—–We bartered our time to sustaining ourselves,
—–While others traded theirs with numbers on papers,
—–Which they called mortgages and shares,
—–And they said:
———-“We lived a wonderful life.”
—–As they gasped for their final breath.
—–Too bad their fastbacks cannot be raced through heaven,
—–And their debts are to be inherited by their children.

All we ever had and have
—–Are time, love and liberty,
—–And the most epic journey worth retelling to a hundredfold.



Year Eighteen-eighty-six
‘Twas summer with our hands entwined
Lying beside an apple tree
In the middle of the prairies of Mississipi
When I broke the deplorable words:
“I’m leaving.”
I really love you, mean me not wrongly, my li’l dame,
But our pastures have gone wry,
And I can hear no more than the herd’s cry.
And the laborers of our orchards have gone to other’s game,
And thus I say:
“I’m leaving.”

I’m going to the bitter cold of the north,
Where permafrost cursed the earth,
Tundras and tempest pervaded even
the thickest of grizzly furs and coat;
Even the thinnest of beards caught frost.

‘Lo, to the white lands of Klondike,
Where every pair of legs of the eastern ports rushed,
Where the promise of Aurum lies;
Too good to be true, my dear, and it almost sounded a myth.

Go, I shall run, for the fields of gold might go dry.
Rush, I shall fly, for we might face years of famine and plague;
Live in the streets of Boston;
Live on the scraps and offals of the top;
Or die with the herds and flocks.
I shall gamble my last dime, hoping to gain a thousand.
To regain the prosperity of our lands.

“Darling, stay, we’ll make it through just fine.
I love you; please stay.
We can make our everyday,
Bright as the month of May.”
said your soft sweet voice,
And you gripped my hand tightly, never wanting to let go.

But my love, I cannot stand
Seeing you in pain,
With your eyes empty,
save for the hunger and,
That mad glint of hope.

I do what I must.



Blood-red waters tinge the sight
As you turn the light into blight.
And as you look down and see the other side,
Behold, the good-bye dark skies.

Darkness blanketed the quiet lands
Your non-being became my nothingness
Though the cradle of life started from the chaotic darkness,
Fear gripped deeper down, down to the bone of the soul

Alas, it is the darkest hour,
The last ones of the damned
Awaited for the despair to be erased by the dawn.
Hoped for the illumination of your lambent grace


If Only

If only I have a little sunshine in my hand,
I would weave the lightest of drapes
to veil your beautiful eyes
and capture your enthralling gaze.

If only I have a droplet of your tear,
I would build the biggest of ports
to let my ship of embraces
and dock to your chilling heart.

If only I have a brief moment of our forever
I would put it on the simplest of jars
to let it be seen by all
and let nothing tarnish its perfect form.



Ang ating saan at kailan,
Ay panandaliang humimpil,
Sa mga sandaling tayo’y magkaduyog,
Tanghali, sa ilalim ng lilim ng Narra.

Iyong yakap ang siyang kumandili,
Iyong labi’y inapuhap ang akin,
Initsigan ng ating mga laman ay naging buhay
Awanggan nati’y naipit sa isang saglit.

Ang aking mga kamay,
Marahang ginapang ang iyong saya.
Sa bawat kalantog ng mga ugat
Binaybay ang mga katagang: “Ika’y akin”.

Sa bawat pagbayo ng iyong mga kamay
Laksang liwanag ang aking natunghayan
Sa aking pagpikit, kasabay ng iyong matamis na hele,
Aking napagtanto: lantayang pag-ibig
Ay ‘di-maaari

Ang ating pagduyog, naging duyog ng araw at buwan
Panandaliang pagkabighani ng aking pandama sa halimuyak ng iyong kutis
Hiyas na naging gumon, siyang gumahasa sa aking gunita
Dumaluyong ng sidhi ang aplayang

Sayang sadyang sumasaloy ng sinsayang sapantaha
Sintang naging sumpa ng aking sumbat
Iyong isinaklit sa aking isip ang isang indayog
Banaag ng alindog at pagsinta’y balintuna sa banghay ng pag-ibig.



One a.m. and I’m still awake.
Or us, says your facebook status.
Oh, says I, you must be awake too
Only the thing is
On the other side of the world,
Off the pool of your “friends”,
One of them is
On phone with you
(Or hopefully not on you)
Oops, did I say that?
Okay, I did.
Out with these pestilential thoughts
Old thoughts that say maybe
Omitted, I am, from your thoughts
Or maybe that I’m not the
Only one.